About Us

Tamara Group was established in the mid-80s by Mr. Pek Tek Beng as the founder. The group core business covers real estate development, and property investments. Tamara Group is firmly rooted in traditional values, and our philosophy is based on our belief that, first and foremost, we have a duty to protect the interests of our customers, our partners and shareholders.

With the level of expertise, individual attention, the strength of teamwork, commitment, and smart strategic measure by our top management, We create quality products and build on a reputation that we strive to achive every day for integrity, quality and value. Where others see obstacles, we envision possibilities and we use past experience to ensure our future success.

The group’s organizational structure allows the management team a keen understanding of business opportunities and challenges so as to quickly respond to the changing market needs and demands.

Currently, Tamara Group focuses on middle-up marketplace to accommodate the rising segment needs of residential, commercial, and industrial real estate. While its long term strategy remains conservative, Tamara Group management is aware that flexibility, adaptability and decisiveness in response to fast-changing market conditions are the essential factors for dynamic and diversified growth.


Commercial Property (Offices, Retail)

Residential Property (Apartments/Housing)

Hospitality Property (Hotels)

Warehousing and Logistics

Building Management

Property Investment